Our responsibility is taking care of our community. And our community is the minority inner city community. It is vital to make sure that the brands we produce are scalable, profitable, and sellable. It is all about social justice, social equity, and economic development.


Green Haven LA

Green Haven LA is a social equity minority owned brand. Licensed in the state of California to cultivate, deliver, and organize cannabis related events.


6th Ave Collective

A nationally known urban brand owned by Tawaina Wiggins. The brand has been around for over 8 years and has since expanded into multiple retail stores. Because of the support of the minority community the 6th Ave brand has been staple in the cannabis industry.



Go Verde has partnered with celebrity Hassan Johnson. He has played a vital role within the social justice community. A portion of the proceeds of this brand go back to the communities of New York and California.


Deuces 22

At Deuces 22 we believe in a future where you should not have to sacrifice quality for convenience. This is why we work with Go Verde to produce the highest quality flower.


Temple of Leaves

Our exclusive products will ease you into a state of relaxation and rejuvenation. Meditate on the magnificence of the Universe which is the reflection of You. The Temple of Leaves your sanctuary.


Da Tree House

Through our various products Da Tree House exemplifies our urban environment. Da Tree House will keep you on a level of enjoyment throughout your day whether its during a special event or day to day activities.



We can’t do this without you! We’re a social enterprise using the regulated cannabis industry to fight injustice for cannabis prisoners. A percentage of every 40Tons sale is helping our community through Social Justice and Social Equity.


Smaste It!

The following brand Smaste It is owned by social equity partner Rabin T. Woods. He believes having the best experience is being able to smoke it and taste it. Hence the name Smaste It! In addition to partnering with Smaste It! as a brand we are also affiliated with their retail location which promotes minority owned products and Legacy brands.



An Exclusive Monthly Subscription Service. Our cannabis experts carefully curate premium products compatible with your preferences. We only include high quality cannabis. No fillers. No bullshit.


Simply High Extracts

Simply High Extracts is the first cannabis brand dedicated to bringing you healthy, versatile cooking extracts that help you create your own edibles and gourmet dishes. Our gourmet infused vegan butter is crafted with an assortment of pressed oils. This is the healthiest, most versatile way you can introduce cannabis into your overall diet.


87 Months

87 was established to provide quality consumption essentials to our patrons while amplifying the voice of the women who served time in prison for cannabis. 87 represent the number of months our founder Evelyn LaChapelle was sentenced to Federal Prison. 87 is a story of defeat and victory. Prison didn’t break us it built us.


Soul Creations Management

We partnered with Soul Creations, a management to bring cannabis brands to life. Icons within our community want to empower our minorities through cannabis. Entertainers such as Money-Bagg Yo and more to come.


Sonia's Special Eds.

Another woman owned minority owned brand that is tailored to the non smoking community. This brand was designed and created by LaSonia Wiggins. Established over half a decade ago this brand has been continually supported by our communities as proctors of High-THC Edibles.


Super Fresh Farms

Super Fresh Farms is a homegrown California based cannabis brand. Our premium flower is organically raised to bring you nothing but a Super Fresh experience. Established by the Poche brothers.


Planet Pineapple

Yamira Chambers is a partner with Go Verde on the Planet Pineapple Brand. It is an eclectic out of this world brand that features Stardust Supremium pre-rolls and flower


Cali's Green Life

Cali’s Green Life is a minority owned premium cannabis edible line that specializes in treats such as trail mix, dipping sauces, and made to order specialties. Owned by Tammy Wilborn.


Ms. Gashaway

Ms. Gashaway is your home away from home. Featuring premium cannabis products they are always sure to provide nothing but best. Fly away with Ms. Gashaway.